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Trip Designs

Updated: 2016/02/25

Two-Day Trip

First Day
Departure→Datong Township/ Experiencing Jiuliao River Trail→Jioujhihze Hot Spring→Lodging at Taipingshan Villa

Second Day
Taipingshan Villa→Cueifong Scenic Road→Cueifong Lake→Luodong Forestry Culture Park→National Center for Traditional Arts→Suao Cold Spring→Sweet Home

Three-Day Trip

First Day
Jioujhihze Hot Spring bathing or hiking at nature trail→Jhongjian Visitor Center→Experiencing sea of clouds at Jancing→Dining & lodging at Taipingshan Villa

Second Day
Watching the sun rise at Cueifong Lake→Cueifong Lake Circular Trail→Pingyuan Nature Trail or Taiwan Beech Trail→Returning to and lodging at Taipingshan Villa

Third Day
Virgin Forest Trail or Taiwan Hemlock Forest Nature Trail→Riding Bong Bong Train→Maosing Reminiscent Trail or Fern Garden or Sandie Falls Trail (It takes 3 hours for round trip and a steep angle return trip, please take your own physical strength and schedule into consideration.) →Return home
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