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Security Policy

Updated: 2016/04/20
Approved on Nov 29, 2006 by Forest Official Document Number 0951710985

To guard classified government information from risks of external threats or internal misuse, the Forestry Bureau (FB in short) declares this Information Security Policy Announcement as follows:

Adapt adequate protections to ensure the security, usability and integrity of information assets; maintain the stable and continuous practices of computer equipments, information systems, and network facilities.
Reinforce information security management and guaranty safe use of information and citizen’s rights, for a safe and trustworthy electronic government,
Establish disaster preventions, emergency response measures, and recovery plans of major information assets and of crucial business systems for the sustainable operation of FB.

Educate staff with the concept of “Safeguarding information is everyone’s duty,” and with appropriate information security training, to sharpen their sensibility to the sensitivity of intelligence information.
At the initial stage of developing information systems, security must be taken into consideration for sustainability.

Adapt appropriate measurements, access controls and make security propaganda, to ward against unjustified access and leakage of intelligence information.

Establish and implement information-security notifications and response mechanisms, in order to lower risks and potential loss.

Establish internal and external controls to bolster information-security and auditing systems, periodically implement information-security auditing operations, as well as urge units and staff to follow info-security regulations.
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