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Updated: 2022/09/14

The real-time weather information at Taipingshan(hyperlink)

The elevation of Taipingshan ranges from 300-2,500 meters and its climate is differentiated accordingly. On the other hand, the northeast monsoon wind and sea wind from the Pacific Ocean bring in large amount of rainfalls and cause the climate being humid. The relative humidity in each month of a given year is above 85%. The rain season begins from October in each year until February of the next year. It is always cloudy and foggy at this region.

As to the temperature, it is highly affected by elevation. The average rate of temperature decrease with altitude is 0.6°C per 100 m. The annual average temperature is 11、12°C and the coldest season is from November to March. The average temperature in this season is below 10°C and, if there is a cold air mass coming, in the mountain regions at elevations above 1,800 m, such as Taipingshan and Cueifong Lake, there will be snow. In summer, even in July- the hottest month of a year, at elevations above 1,000 m, the average temperature is about 21、22°C. So Taipingshan is the most idyllic summer resort in northern Taiwan.

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