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Reservation Details

Updated: 2023/07/31

Notice for Reservations

Please carefully read the notices listed below before using the reservation system.

  1. Operating Hours of Reservation System: 08:00~23:50.
  2. Each reservation order covers one day and one room.
  3. The online reservation system will not accept any room reservation made within two days of the check-in day. Please directly contact us via: Taipingshan Villa: 03-9809806 ext. 9/Cueifong Villa: 0963-357199.
  4. Notice for Prices: Every Friday, Saturday, consecutive holidays and winter/summer vacation are counted as a holiday and no discount is offered. For non-holidays, we offer a 20% off discount. The fee includes a 10% service charges, a dinner and a breakfast.
  5. We also accept reservations for groups IN NON-HOLIDAYS. Please contact the Customer Service Center via 03-9548757 or Email:
  6. To better ensure the safety of your credit card, all personal information filled in this online reservation system must match that of the person checking in. ID card or passport are required for verification.
  7. This system is only used for reservation making, inquiry or cancellation. If you need to change dates, please contact the Customers Service Center via 03-9548787 or Email:
  8. The room booking privilege would be suspended for one year if the reservations were automatically cancelled by the reservation system due to failed deposits accumulatively more than 30 rooms within three days, or making calcellations for no reasons accumulatively more than 30 rooms within three months. The right to explain the reservation terms and conditions is reserved.
  9. According to the Charges and Fees Act article 8-1 and 10-1-2, the accommodation services in Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area issue receipts (tax-exemption type) only, since July 1 st , 2017.
  10. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Customer Service Center.

Advance Payment

Advance Payments: NT$1,000~1,200 for a double room, NT$ 1,500 for a quad room, NT$ 2,000 for a group room for 6 people and NT$ 3,000 for a group room for 8 people

  1. The advance should be paid within 3 days (not including the day when the order is made) via credit cards. Any overdue payment will result in reservation cancellation by the system.
  2. After finishing, you can check the status of your order in Reservation Inquiry. If the order is still canceled or has incorrect information, please contact our Customer Service Center.

Reservation Change, Cancellation And Refund

  1. For date changes, please contact us to change your reservation within 2 months or request refund on the reservation system, or we will not refund the advance payment. Such a change can only be made once per reservation.
  2. Reservation cancellation must be made via the system within 2 months, otherwise the advance payment will not be refunded.
  3. The amount of advance payment refunding will be decided according to related rules of Tourism Bureau. (For detailed information, please refer to: )
  • Canceling the reservation 14 (or more) days in advance will get 100% of the advance payment back.
  • Canceling the reservation 10~13 days in advance will get 70% of the advance payment back.
  • Canceling the reservation 7~9 days in advance will get 50% of the advance payment back.
  • Canceling the reservation 4~6 days in advance will get 40% of the advance payment back.
  • Canceling the reservation 2~3 days in advance will get 30% of the advance payment back.
  • Canceling the reservation 1 days in advance will get 20% of the advance payment back.
  • Canceling the reservation on the reserved day will not be able to get any refunds.
  1. the advance payment will be refunded to your credit card account.
  2. If we have to close the area due to a force majeure event, such as Central Weather Bureau's warnings of heavy rain or extremely heavy rain, typhoon, earthquake or roads closed, all advance payments will be refunded. Please note that in this scenario we will not be able to postpone the reservations or keep the advance for you.

Important Notices

Taipingshan Area will be closed when any of these cases happen:

  1. If Central Weather Bureau has issued a land warning for typhoon and Taipingshan is considered to be attacked by the typhoon
  2. The rainfall total has reached 300 mm in the last 24 hours according to Taipingshan Meteorological Observatory

(Please see:

  1. When rockfalls or landslides may occurs on roads connected to Taipingshan
  2. When the weather or environment of Taipingshan is inappropriate for the area to be opened to customers

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