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Green Mark Hotel

Updated: 2016/02/25
Tourism is an indispensable recreation in modern times. However, it is closely linked to the issues of high energy consumption, pollution and excess waste of resources in the dimensions of transport, lodging, dinning and fun. For Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area and Taipingshan Villa, the issue of environment responsibility is the one which cannot be neglected.

Taipingshan Villa at Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area has promoted the concept of ecotourism for many years and, in 2013, passed the EPA’s ”Hotel Green Mark Standards” on energy saving, carbon reduction, water saving, recycle of waste water, fume extraction, odor elimination, noise and green procurement. Taipingshan Villa is the first hotel certified with gold-level green mark in Taiwan. This honor is also the glory that visitors and Taipingshan shared in the joint efforts of environment protection.

What is Green Mark Hotel?

Green mark hotel is also called green hotel, eco-friendly hotel or sustainable hotel. Green Hotels Association defines a green hotel as “an environment friendly hotel building and its manager aggressively promotes water saving, energy saving and waste reduction plans which not only can cut the energy expenses but is also helpful to protect the only Earth we have.

What is Ecotourism?

International Ecotourism Club: Ecotourism is a responsible travel which meets the requirement of environment conservation and maintains the welfare of local community.

Ecotourism White Paper: A form of travel which proceeds in natural areas, emphasizes the concept of eco conservation and pursues sustainability as its utmost goal.

You and Taipingshan Living the Green Life

We don’t provide disposable toiletries to our lodge guests.

Green Chant Action Initiative—We encourage lodge guests not having sheets or towels changed every day.

We reduce the capacity to host guest at Taipingshan Villa from 800 persons to 150 persons.

To pursue low-carb food, our restaurants use locally produced or organic agricultural products as our first priority.

Our restaurants don’t provide disposable tableware, tablecloth and paper napkin.

As the number of visitors reaching 2,800, the dynamic admission control will be activated in order to limit the greenhouse gases emission at recreation area.

To pursue green products & green life, we purchase eco-friendly products as our first priority.

Green Cleaning---We use DIY eco enzyme and natural handmade soaps to sanitize the living quarters at recreation area and we also teach lodge guests how to DIY eco enzyme.

Taipingshan is the first forest recreation area with double-certification ISO:9001 & ISO:14001 in Taiwan
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