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Regulation of Ecotourism

Updated: 2022/09/14

Taipingshan Ecotourism Regulation

  1. No Pets allowed, no releasing of captures animals.

  2. Feeding rock monkey or any wild animal is forbidden.

  3. Camping, cooking, barbecuing, swimming or fishing is forbidden.

  4. Breaking off flowers, branches or leaves, or carving on tree trunk is forbidden.

  5. Please bring your trash home or bring trash into the trash bins in the facility area according to its classification.

  6. Please use eco-friendly tableware.

  7. Please return the pamphlet you read to recycling box.

  8. Cueifong Lake is a forest conservation area, going into the lake and other waters is forbidden.

  9. Trampling on or picking moss is forbidden.

  10. Please bring your trash home, or pick up the trash you see on your way to do good things.

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